Monday, February 06, 2006

Got Stuff? Donate it at masjid's garage sale

Posted by bcsmuslim at 11:03 PM

Got stuff you no longer need and want to do something good with it? Donate it to the masjid when it organizes a garage sale. You can donate pretty much anything you like. Favorite donations in the past have been sofas, mattresses, tables, chairs, phones, computers, sound systems, ironing boards, dinnerware, and lots and lots of strollers (I mean really... LOTS of strollers).

Due to space limitations, the masjid is unable to store large items in the Islamic center. For this reason its best that you hold on to those extra items till a garage sale is announced. It usually takes place at someone's house in the community. If you live in Bryan/College Station, you are very unlikely to miss the event since it requires a lot of help from sisters and brothers.

The next time you think you’ve got stuff, save it for the garage sale.


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