Sunday, January 29, 2006

ICBCS Masjid hosts spring 2006 welcoming dinner

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The ICBCS masjid hosted its spring 2006 welcoming dinner for all newcomers to the community this Saturday. The dinner was also the aqeeqah of Br. Nabil Bensouda’s son. Br. Nabil Bensouda had generously sponsored the dinner with the help of several sisters in the community who put in the time and effort to prepare the meal.

The program started after isha prayer with brief introductions to ICBCS and MSA by Br. Faisal Chaudhry (ICBCS President) and Br. Zahir Latheef (MSA President). Newcomers were then introduced to the community. Several icebreakers and team games followed the introductions. A small portion of the program was dedicated to distributing awards to Al-Huda Weekend Islamic School students. Awards were given to students who attended the fall 2005 semester. The program ended with the dinner.


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